At Overstreet

You Can Learn to Dance
The Overstreet Dance Center is Denver’s largest dedicated dance studio which serves independent dance professionals in their efforts to provide lessons to their students.  Overstreet serves the diverse dance communities such as:

  • Social  – dances such as Lindy Hop and the many swing dances
  • Ballroom – dances in the American and International styles
  • Club – dances such as Hustle and Salsa
  • Fitness – exercise classes using dance and music
  • Wedding Preparation – first dance, Father Daughter, Mother Son & Wedding Party

You Can Rent Our Space
Overstreet is also available for individuals and companies to hold their parties, dance lessons and other events in a lively and festive environment.  Our facility provides a complete sound system, a stage for live performances and, naturally, an incredible wood floor for your dancing pleasure.  We have three studios for small, medium or large sessions with a total of over 4,500 square feet of finished dancing floor space.

You Can Be a Fitter Person
Many of our sessions are provided by fitness experts. Check our calendar for current classes. Also remember that dance lessons in any style provide great exercise, as do our numerous social dancing events.

Class Schedule

Our studio is home to different teachers and programs. All classes and dances in RED are run by Overstreet. All classes in GREY belong to other programs using the studio. Everything listed on the schedule are open to drop-ins.

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